Europak was first launched in the year 2006. It was also on those years when laptop computers started to become popular among business people and other professionals. The company saw the need to create bags that can address to this techno mobility demand.

Europak complements the modern look of professionals as well as provide them convenience by creating bags with smart and stylish silhouettes, pockets and compartments to keep their laptops and other gadgets safely tucked while on travel.

Europak offers wide range of bags for discerning consumers such as briefcase, backpacks and trolleys. Smaller items like shoulder bags, laptop sleeves and clutch bags are among the latest styles that also proved to be successful in the market.

All raw materials such as fabrics, hardware locks and zippers are meticulously chosen, using only internationally accepted quality for all Europak bags to assure satisfaction and usage of bag for a long time.

Europak continues to innovate as technology evolves. By the continuous study and research of our design team, it constantly adapts to the changing lifestyle and preference of the market.

In 2007, Europak opened its first 3 branches in department stores in Manila.

In 2008, Europak partnered with several major computer stores in the Philippines.

In 2010, Europak opened its first concept store in Manila.

In 2015, Europak formed a partnership with Exodus Design Studio HK Ltd. to establish presence in Asia and Europe.